PROBLEMS WITH WAV. Export SV 1.9.1 win7 64bit

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PROBLEMS WITH WAV. Export SV 1.9.1 win7 64bit

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Hi 2 the forum.
I´m a new user of the fantastic programm Sunvox. Now I have a strange problem. If I would like to export
a wav, file of my project...the rendered wav. file doesn´t show up in the choosed or created directory on disk C:. I can´t see the file. But it
has to be there. Cause I can see it in the choose directory screen of sunvox. But if I left Sunvox and want to listen to the rendered wav. file I cant find it anywhere on my build in harddrive..very strange-

But...If I render/export the same file to a USB Stick connected to my lap top (hp elitebook win7 64bit) the wav. file shows there...

WHY?..Why the heck can I not see it on my built in harddrive? :o

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