New to psytraxx and kinda lost

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New to psytraxx and kinda lost

Post by midipixel » Sun Dec 04, 2005 8:48 pm

Hi Nightradio and people,

I just downloaded psytexx and started playing with it on my Tungsten E. The thing is, I have very little experience with trackers (I´ve played a little with Madtracker and that was it). So I have a few questions:

1 - How do I load samples? What is the format supported by psytexx?

2 - How does the effects work? Are the effects number based on Impulse Tracker, or are they based on Fast Tracker?

I was able to open the example mods with no problem, but I don´t really know how to proceed to create a new song from zero, as I don´t have a clue on how the sample system work. Perhaps some of you can give me "newbie" tips!

Thank you all!

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Post by NightRadio » Mon Dec 05, 2005 9:32 am


1) Go to the FILES dialog and press INST (instruments) button. Then you can find WAV samples or XI instruments on your disk. After finding select place for a new sample in the right part of screen (list of samples in song) and press LOAD.
2) All effects based on FastTracker standart.

For create new song just press the CLEAR button :)

ps. i working at the new version of PsyTexx now

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