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First post.

Post by _o0m » Tue Apr 24, 2012 11:58 am

Hey guys! Let me introduce myself, any Renoise user would know me as niNja/niNjaH and other variations.. I'm more commonly known on the internets as _o0m. Had my eye on Sunvox for a bit now. Downloaded it on Mah oc than deleated... My interests were always with Renoise. Recently purchasing an iPhone I was pissed its usually free bu not for ios but I was happy I finally had a FULL tool on my phone for production! I started with Acid making hip hop beats and through IRC hooked up with Buzz tracker. There all lame ass and wasn't really for me, still lacked something I couldn't pinpoint. I tried Milky and was more thoroughly impressed but incanted more machine. Renoise came along in passing much to often with my obsession with jungle and reading on forums so I gave it a try.ove at first sight.

Renoise is the one I will always feel allows me to, and this may be weird, others may get what I mean but I feel I'm more 'in' my program as opposed to outside the program. Not that others are limited in any means it's just more able to express correctly with what I was given.

Since iPhone I have several Apps I love and I'm super pumped that I'm able to pop an idea anywhere. Sunvox is now a tool I use daily and am trying to figure out. The basis is a bit different than Renoise but I'm sure I'll get it.

So my point is: I'm _o0m. Hello all.

Kyle Conflict. kid_conflict for my radio show Wednesdays @10pm CST or 95.9fm in Winnipeg.

organic io
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Re: First post.

Post by organic io » Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:33 pm

Awesome, welcome to the Sunvox scene. I also am a Renoise user and consider it my "home", so I know what you mean. But Sunvox is truly amazing for Mobile music creation. I'm really really enjoying it. I've seen you on Soundcloud as Kid Conflict... Can't remember if I'm following you or not, but if not I will.

Hope to hear some Sunvox creations from you soon.


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