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Post by Tripstar » Thu Jun 09, 2011 10:59 pm


i'm new to SunVox...

When playing with the sampler I stumbled over the following problem with multi samples.
I want to use the sampler for drums so I want to define only 1 key for each sound.
When defining the keys/notes for the sample, activating the keys is easy, but after activation I can't de-activate.
Is there a special trick for it?

I can deactivate by selecting an open sample slot and select all keys that are not used for the other slots since only 1 sample can play per key
but thats more like a workaround. Not very user friendly. It would be best to just toggle the keys. 1 click activates the next de-activates again.
PS it would be good to see if a key is a black or a white key on the keyboard to help to find the correct notes also :good:

I use the version 1.6.3 of SunVox on windows 7 (64bit)
thanks for the nice software!!!

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