SunVox has been updated to version 1.9.5!
With many new features and improvements:
  • Android 6+: USB MIDI support;
  • Android: now the SunVox remains in the background after you close the window; if you want to completely unload the app - use the EXIT menu item or the BACK button;
  • iOS: Audio Unit Extension (AUv3 instrument) - SunVox can now be used inside any AU host;
  • extended set of supported MIDI sync commands (slave mode): Start/Stop/Continue, MIDI Clock, Song Position Pointer;
  • full support of 65534 modules per project and 32 tracks per pattern;
  • Delay now also delays the incoming events (note, pitch, phase, velocity);
  • new pattern effects (column EE): jump to line, cyclic shift of track, copy track, etc.;
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