I'm happy to announce the availability of the new Virtual ANS 3.0!
Now it's a full-featured polyphonic synth with MIDI mapping and AUv3 extension!

What's new:
  • iOS: Audio Unit Extension (AUv3) has been added;
  • iOS: user files are now available through the Files app;
  • iOS: partial USB/Bluetooth keyboard support (no key release, no Home/End, no F1/F2/...);
  • iOS, macOS: public MIDI IN port (visible for other apps);
  • iOS: high resolution screen support;
  • iOS, Android: now any Virtual ANS compatible files (ans, jpg, png, gif, wav) can be opened from other apps (Mail, Browser, Files, etc.);
  • Android 6+: USB MIDI support;
  • Android: arm64 and x86_64 support;
  • Android 2.3 support has been dropped; now the minimum is 4.1;
  • Linux: multitouch support;
  • new mode with Polyphonic Synth and real-time parameters;
  • Settings -> MIDI Mapping: functions for assigning MIDI knobs and buttons to the Virtual ANS parameters;
  • audio export options: 44 - 192 kHz, 16-bit (default) or 32-bit (high quality interpolation, reduced noise level);
  • ability to set your own template;
  • new brushes;
  • new layering mode - "Lighten Only": each pixel of the current layer is compared with the pixel of the lower layer, then the brightest one is selected from them;
  • new layering mode - "Darken Only": each pixel of the current layer is compared with the pixel of the lower layer, then the darkest one is selected from them;
  • palette selection options have been added to the Visualization settings;
  • max pixels per beat has been increased to 256;
  • any number of notes per octave is possible now (for the pitch keyboard);
  • double click (or right mouse button click) on any parameter opens a text input dialog to enter the exact value;
  • new recording mode - "from ANS to Audio File";
  • new parameter: Settings -> Sound Quality -> "Rec.Resolution (rhythm...melody)" (-100 - high time resolution; 0 - optimal mode; 100 - high frequency resolution);
  • improved export of PhonoPaper codes of any length;
  • new buttons in the Navigation mode: "Center" and "Fit to screen";
  • new functions in the Selection menu: "Make a Loop", "Save Selection to the ANS file";
  • new effects (Selection -> Effects): Posterize (reduce the number of colors), Edge Detect;
  • UP/DOWN shortcuts can now also move the view (in all modes, except the selection mode);
  • alternative shortcuts to decrease/increase octave: SHIFT + "-" / SHIFT + "+";
  • new shortcut: SHIFT + C - center the view;
  • new shortcut: SHIFT + F - make the sonogram fit to screen;
  • new shortcut: SHIFT + T - load template;
  • many interface improvements;
  • bug fixes.