PsyTexx MOD Tracker for PalmOS
v e r s i o n :: 1 . 8

PsyTexx is deprecated now. Please use SunVox - cross-platform music editor with modular synthesizers.

PsyTexx is the first amiga-MOD based player and tracker for PalmOS. There is a huge amount of MOD music files in the Web. You can play them on the PsyTexx or use for creation of own music.

PsyTexx has powerful 8-channel track editor with some additional effects such as multichannel echo, volume fade, cloning and others.

It is possible to record your own sounds from a microphone (deep forest or industrial environment sounds :) and use them as instruments in your tune.

New in version 1.8:
* Five octaves instead of three (use a following keys: A,B,C)
* Sample effects: anticlick, HQ-portamento, distortion, simple cut-off and wah-wah
* Additional pattern effects: 6xx, 7xx, 8xx
* Internal help
* 12 channels
* New sample interpolation (something like "anticlick" between an different samples)

Download it now:
PsyTexx v1.8

for PalmOS < 5.0 :
PsyTexx v0.9

PsyTexx v1.8 C sources:
download it