DOS Software


Micro-graphics editor with external plugins. Example of good C-- programming. Supported file format - PCX. Last update: 20.05.2000.
Download CyberDraw v1.1 (286/dos/vga) + sources


Editor of the interactive animation with AMD-music.
Download Text3D v1.0 (286/dos/vga/SB) + sources


2D platform game editor.
Download WorldDesigner v1.0 (286/dos/vga) + sources

Cyber Draw Intro

Demo with the glass spheres, AMD-music and stupid text :)
Download CD Intro (386/dos/vga/SB) + sources

8m Intro

Download 8m Intro (386/dos/vga/SB)

8m Intro 2002

Part Two.
Download 8m Intro 2002 (386/dos/vga/SB)

Amiga MOD -> Adlib AMD converter

Download converter + sources