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SunVox 1.9.1 BETA is ready for testing!

Sunvox Tips #22: Making Sounds with Sunvox
by Solar Lune

SunVox music. Best of November 2015

The new SunVox Compo is over! Congratulations to all competitors!
Thank you very much for the great music! And thank you for using the SunVox!
Here you can check the results and play the compo works

And the winners are:
1. KnyazIvan - fatal precession
2. OceanicDegree - Dreaming
3. echo2 - unreal love 3
These works will be included to the SunVox distribution!


SunVox Compo 2015.10:
It is time to vote for the best SunVox tracks!

SunVox music. Best of October 2015

My new track. Made in SunVox

PixiVisor has been updated to v1.2!

It is time for the new SunVox Song Competition!


2.10 - 7.10: Spectral Synths for Sale! (50% off)
Virtual ANS - $2.99
Nature - Oscillator - $1.99

SunVox music. Best of September 2015