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PixiTracker is free until December 23, 2011!

New PixiTracker songs:
Capacitor, Tiger Balm... by C.V. Gates
Epic Ballad by SawZer
Ougie Bougie Forest by Parapheen
Song Of Parapheen by Parapheen
Space Station Parapheen by Parapheen

Official PixiTracker dedicated group is up!

New SunVox track by The Handle:
Phendrana Drifts (A tribute to Metroid Prime) (Pulse EP coming soon) by The Handle

[Site news : SunVox development]

[Site news : SunVox development]
Please help me choose the minimum Android version for SunVox:

New SunVox Tutorial from SolarLune: Arpeggio Standard Effect


[Site news : SunVox development]

BOX10SVC #1 has now ended.
Listening and voting time!
Here is the vote pack which has all .sunvox files:
And here is the Bandcamp page where you can listen or download the mp3's:

New Sound Fields: Winter for iOS:

New PixelWave and SpectrumGen synths with MIDI support:

And more videos:
PixiTracker: Sound Packs
PixiTracker: Copy/Paste to/from another iOS apps
PixiTracker: MIDI In

PixiTracker is now available for iOS!

[Site news : SunVox development]
New SunVox Music Competition: BOX10SVC!

  • No more than 10 modules (NOT including OUT, so 10 modules + OUT is perfectly fine)
  • No Samplers are allowed.
  • No Vorbis players are allowed.
  • No more than 8 tracks can play simultaneously (Single pattern is recommended).
  • The track may NOT clip more than once (When voting, please consider the loudness of the track).
  • Minimum track length of 2:30 minutes.
  • Maximum track length of 4:00 minutes.
  • Only ONE compessor allowed.
  • Start of Compo: Wednesday the 16 of November.
  • End of Compo: 11:59 PM on Wednesday the 23 of November.
  • Voting starts: Directly after Compo ends.
  • Voting ends: 11:59 PM on Wednesday the 30 of November, or until all votes are received (whichever comes first).
  • Winners announced: Directly after voting ends.
More info in the official thread here:

PixiTracker updated to v1.0! More cool, more powerful!
It is a simple and fun tracker with warm pixel interface. iOS version coming soon...

[Site news : Pixilang development]
Pixilang v3.1 is out!

[Site news : SunVox development]
Sunvox Compo #1 Results:
1 - beefinator - Backtracking
2 - organic io - Quiescent
3 - Zhuinden - Darkness and Light
4 - PrestonSands - Torque
5 - menthes - America
6 - spurkopf - klangbild
7 - SolarLune - Moon's Orbit
8 - Chippymunk - Starlit Disco and Funky Nights
Congratulations to all participants!
Now we are ready for the new Compo :)


[Site news : SunVox development]
SunVox Compo #1 has now ended! You can check out all the songs on the Sunvox Compo bandcamp page:

New SunVox track:
October 2011 (unfinished) by NightRadio

New SunVox Tutorials from SolarLune:

[Site news : SunVox development]
Sunvox Compo #1 has begun! Deadline - October 31. Details are here.

[Site news]
Finally PayPal allowed to accept donations for russian accounts!
So if you want to support my work - click Donate button in the right bottom part of this page :)

[Site news : SunVox development]
SunVox - Modular Music Studio in Your Pocket

[Site news : SunVox development]