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[Site news : SunVox development]
SunVox user manual has been updated.

[Site news : SunVox development]
Finally, fixed iOS version of the SunVox is released!

[Site news : SunVox development]
80% discount on the SunVox! (until 20 december).

[Site news : SunVox development]
Good people pointed me to the mistake in the new SunVox. Dublicate != Duplicate :) Now fixed (except the OSX and iOS versions; but this will be soon).

[Site news : SunVox development]
SunVox v1.6 released.
iOS version will be available soon (after Apple approval).
  • GUI improvement and optimization;
  • Maemo port (tested on Nokia N900);
  • iOS: added screen orientation locking;
  • iOS 4 multitasking support;
  • iOS: added file sharing (SunVox <-> iTunes);
  • added spectrum analyzer;
  • new module: OGG Vorbis Player; note: this module is not available for the PalmOS devices;
  • new module: Amplitude Modulator (multiplier);
  • added new controller in the "Distortion": "Noise";
  • added LFO to the "Filter";
  • improved sound quality of the "FM" module;
  • improved sound quality of the "Kicker" module;
  • added high-quality cubic interpolation to the "Sampler" module; note: this mode doesn't work on handheld devices with integer engine;
  • added a set of built-in color themes;
  • you can specify your own colors using the c_0, c_1, c_2 and c_3 options in the sunvox_config file; example: c_0 #00FF80;
  • added UNDO/REDO functions (trough the main menu or CTRL + Z / CTRL + Y / SHIFT + CTRL + Z);
  • added "edit step" to the pattern editor;
  • new keyboard shortcut (pattern editor): CTRL + MINUS - decrease edit step;
  • new keyboard shortcut (pattern editor): CTRL + PLUS - increase edit step;
  • correct solo/mute handling in the "MultiSynth" module;
  • added "Module remapping" function (main menu -> edit -> remap);
  • fixed bug with relative note in the "MultiSynth";
  • sunvox_config: added "zoom" option; you can use it for larger pixels on Linux devices with SDL, or on WinCE devices with RAW video driver; example of usage: zoom 2;
  • added new songs and simple examples;
  • many bugs fixed.

[Site news : SunVox development]
SunVox v1.6 development video. Filter LFO + MultiSynth:

[Site news : SunVox development]
SunVox v1.6 development screenshots: