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[Site news : SunVox development]
SunVox is ready for sale at the iPhone App Store now!
The first ever music tracker for iPhone!
For $4.9 only.
iTunes Link

[Site news : SunVox development]
SunVox v1.4.1 released.
  • fixed several bugs in Mac OS X version;
  • removed text console from Windows version.

[Site news : SunVox development]
SunVox v1.4 released.
  • iPhone port;
  • OSX port;
  • multitouch support;
  • design improvements and optimization;
  • updated icon editor (now in separate window);
  • updated sampler (added base note and frequency for each sample);
  • sunvox_config.ini: added "touchcontrol" option; use this option if your device has touchscreen without pen (stylus), or if you just want a large buttons;
  • sunvox_config.ini: now "audiodevice" option works in Windows (and Windows Mobile) too; example of usage: audiodevice 1 //set second audio device of your computer;
  • added new effect 19 - re-trigger note after PPPP ticks during the line;
  • added new effect 1C - cut note after PPPP ticks in the current line;
  • added new effect 1D - delays the start of note until tick PPPP in the current line;
  • added respective simple examples: std_effect_retrig.sunvox; std_effect_cut.sunvox; std_effect_delay.sunvox;
  • added "hide effects" function in the pattern editor's menu;
  • added "Touch Theremin" experimental tool for realtime playing;
  • tons of bugs fixed.