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[Site news : SunVox development]
SunVox v1.3b released.

New in this version:
* fixed bug with incorrect sunvox_config.ini file loading;
* added new "videodriver" option to the sunvox_config.ini file; possible values for WinCE devices: gapi (default), raw (raw hires framebuffer), gdi (compatibility mode);
* graphics in PalmOS version changed from grayscale 8bit to colour 16bit;
* added possibility to change the color (foreground and background) of pattern's icon;
* code optimization;
* fixed several bugs.

[Site news : SunVox development]
SunVox v1.3 released!
And new music album "Back to the sources", created in SunVox, available for download also :)
Enjoy it!

[Site news : SunVox development]
SunVox v1.2 is available for download.

Now minor updates and bugfixes are free for registered users! If you have no latest release yet, just mail to or (and point your ShareIt Reference # in the mail).

What is new in v1.2:
* added external mod2sunvox utility for MOD/XM -> SunVox files conversion;
* added synth activity indicators;
* added CPU usage monitor (not working on PalmOS);
* added "mute" and "solo" buttons to the window with synth controllers;
* added "zoom in" and "zoom out" buttons to the timeline window;
* added "set vibrato phase" controller in the "flanger" synth;
* improved reverb performance;
* increased frequency ranges of synths;
* updated manual;
* redesigned some GUI elements;
* fixed different bugs.

[Site news : SunVox development]
SunVox is most innovative application of 2008! Results of poll on the Palm Sounds.