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[Site news : Pixilang development]
Pixilang v1.3 is out!
What is new:
* added commands for video-export to AVI file; at the moment working in Windows only;
* added command resume_video_export();
* parameters of t_translate() changed to fixed point (1.0 = 256);
* fixed bug with pixi-sound playing;
* internal structure optimization;
* fixed bugs with print() command;
* changed priority of math operations;
* added new construction: while( .. ) { .. };
* increased precision of delay in frame() command;
* changed pixi-image sound playing in stereo mode: now red is right channel and green is left channel;
* added functions for drawing array of 3D-triangles: triangles3d(), pixi_triangles3d, sort_triangles;
* new functions: t_get_matrix(), t_set_matrix(), t_mul_matrix(), t_get_x(), t_get_y(), t_get_z();
* added software Pixel Shaders (version PS1);
* added two options in config file: noborder and windowname;
* new command: exit() - exit to OS; exit(1) - exit to OS with exit-code 1;
* new command: noesc(1) - no exit on ESC; noesc(0) - exit on ESC;
* fixed bug with negative frame numbers;
* now during pixi-program compilation virtual disk0 defined to the file "data.tar"; so you can include TXT files from disk0 (INCLUDE "0:/blabla.txt");
* removed zoom() command (please, use scaled pixi instead).
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[Site news]
My new music album (created in Linux) is available for download now. Waiting for your comments :)

[Site news]
Hello all!
Please, don't forget about our new forum:
Main discussion
Pixilang discussion

[Site news : Pixilang development]
Hello all! Check out the Pixilang v1.2 - new release of our simple and fast programming language for graphics/sound applications!
What is new:
* WindowsCE port;
* fixed bug with crashing on a large programs;
* improved safety of program execution;
* fixed some bugs with color computations;
* added high quality export to GIF (with local palette); use video_export_hq(1) to enable it;
* optimized pixi drawing;
* added functions for handling hardware keys: handle_hard_keys() and get_hard_key();
* now alternative (and more correct) name for handle_keys() is handle_pen_keys();
* added speed optimization for working with arrays;
* added functions for working with streaming sound;
* added command line support; example of using: "pixilang.exe prog.txt";
* added functions for working with binary files (fopen, fclose, fgetc, fputc, fseek, ftell, feof);
* added function for virtual TAR-disk selection; Example: set_disk0( "archive.tar" ) img = load_pixi( "0:/PIC.JPG" );
* added function effector(COLOR,POWER,TYPE,X,Y,XSIZE,YSIZE,XADD) for some internal pixilang effects: NOISE,VBLUR,HBLUR;
* added function pixi_triangle for textured triangle drawing.
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