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New version of our electronic magazine "Echoes of Destiny" (Russian) is out! RU: (#3) " ". !

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Happy birthday, Alex Zolotov! :)

Check out the great program from Frantisek Dufka - Fargo Heap Resizer. This program enlarges dynamic heap on Tungsten T and T2 devices from 800KB up to 1.8 MB and since 0.15 also on Zire71 from 1MB to 1.96MB. And it's free!

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If you want to support any of my development (PsyTexx, ArmZX and others) you can give me a donation here

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Hello, all!
I'm glad to say, that new version (1.5) of ArmZX (ZX Spectrum emulator) is out! Check it out on this page.
What's new:
- Fixed some bugs with keyboard;
- Added new "Keys redefinition" menu with posibility to link ZX key to any Palm keys;
- Support of Palm Graffity area;
- Improved fullscreen mode.