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[Site news : PsyTexx development]
PsyTexx2 alpha 0.2 is out!
Now with the something like user manual :)

New in this version:
* Now PsyTexx works on the Tapwave Zodiac and the TungstenT5
* Fixed MOD loading and playing
* Fixed some bugs in XM playing
* Added playlist feature
* Fullscreen pattern editor
* Clear patterns/instruments feature
* Fixed bugs in filesystem
* Fixed bug with registering filetypes in ARM mode (PalmOS)
* Filelist is sorted now
* Created first version of the PsyTexx2 manual (check the
* and other improvements...

[Site news]
Added two new Palm programs: DeskDraw and PalmCard (USB card reader for Linux users).
[Site news : PsyTexx development]
Latest development screenshot:
Playlist feature under construction :)

"palm cuts (volume 04) - [nvr022]" - new great music album by Transient. Written entirely on a Sony Cli PEG-TJ35/U Palm OS device using the excellent Bhajis Loops software.
Download MP3 version!


I want transparent dektop like this :)
Source: goglus