The AJHunter masterthread (some songs/titles may be lewd)

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The AJHunter masterthread (some songs/titles may be lewd)

Post by AJHunter » Wed Jul 02, 2014 1:13 pm

This is where I'll be dumping all the music I make I guess.
If it's not here it's on one of my bandcamps: Experimental, Loli/Speedcore, and [url]Noise[/url]. It it's not there, It's probably part of a Toastbeard compo and I just didn't feel like reuploading.

You can assume a lot of this isn't safe to be blasted in an office setting, especially stuff with lewd titles.

Little Girl Cunt: Just dicking around with a sample I had from another song I did. experimental lolicore (which is now a thing I guess)
Little Girl Music:The song that previous sample is from. This and the next song were made for the Lolicore Nation compilation album. lolicore
Loliwave: Little Girl Music, chopped up with a shitload of reverb and lots of sample recycling. post-lolicore (yes now I'm making stuff up)

This was for TB104. Samples Protomen (the music box from Father of Death) and Death Grips (from Blood Creepin, on Exmilitary, sampled from Black Google). Heavy abuse of the pitchbend module. The deathgrips sample that's chopped up for most of the song was actually played an octave up from normal pitch (so, 2x speed), stretched to fit its normal length, then pitched back down an octave. I might do a breakdown of this at some point. experimental house maybe?

This is from my album (as AJHunter), Songs For Cool Robots, released by Lolilepsy Recordings. Yeah. rhythmic noise

I think I did this for February Album Writing Month. Yeah. Here's my profile from the 2014 event. Anyway, this is from when sond to control modules were just added, so I was messing around with those for a good bit of ambient something-or-other. ambient

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