Dropbox save/load on iOS

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Dropbox save/load on iOS

Post by Alexandermalie89 » Tue Jul 17, 2018 3:58 pm

Since Steve Jobs isn't keen on letting us see the filesystem on iOS, is there any way that the iOS version of Sunvox could include Dropbox as a save/load destination for songs? This would be very convenient for people who like to work on songs across multiple devices....

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Re: Dropbox save/load on iOS

Post by JackJack » Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:41 pm

=@ =@ =@
I lived for myself without a Dropbox account (it's a cloud storage of files like Google Drive and Yandex.Disk) and I did not grieve, and then one person takes off a link to the photo archive that I need to download. And the archive is laid out on the Dropbox.

Just so download the entire folder with files from someone else's account can not - you must register.

Ok, register, click on the cherished "download" - "zip-archive is too large, save the files to your Dropbox".

Well, we save it in our Dropbox. Та-дам - ​​"You have run out of space, pay money and buy extra space ..."
Click link
I did not buy a paid account, it is already a bust to download one photo archive. Again, click on "download", which does not immediately find - and the computer is cheerfully saved a file called "unspecified" without any extension, which is unclear than to open. Have arrived. What to do next is not clear.

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