note output from metamodule

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note output from metamodule

Post by queries » Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:03 pm

Note output from metamodule could work like this:

If note-generating module (e.g. glide, multisynth) is connected to Output module of a metamodule's project, pass note on/off events through to the containing project, to any modules that accept note input.

Behavior of sending out both audio and notes would be to pass both through to the receiving module. For example, if a metamodule sends audio and notes to a Generator module, the incoming note(s) will be played by the Generator and the incoming audio will be used for modulation.

(If you needed to use a note+audio metamodule, but stop notes from passing through in the containing project, you could insert an Amplifier into the path which would pass only audio through)


Use cases:

Metamodules to conform notes to scales, alternate tunings, and other note transformations... without having to embed a synth module into the metamodule itself.

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Re: note output from metamodule

Post by dadatronic » Sat Apr 01, 2017 12:32 am

Great idea!

Here is a little experiment with "50/50" note hit possibility construction meant to be inside the MetaModule.

02, 0A, 05 are MultiSynths where input signal goes through
08 is Velocity2Ctl
04 is MultiCtl is a "switcher" with quantization level 0 that controls 05 velocity


The idea was to connect that metamodule to generator and use as 50% note probability send

Is it possible to implement MetaModule note output in future versions?

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