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Post by vincitygialam » Tue Sep 11, 2018 5:36 pm

ArmZX is great, and bellow i write some things i would like to see in the future:

- Option to choose a tape, and not reset emulator: For example, lets say i am using a program on the emulator, or a game, and I want to choose another tape, to save or load something. In the current version, if i choose a tape, emulator resets spectrum

- When i Bind a palm key to a spectrum key, the "virtual keyboard" of spectrum no longer works. Example: if i bind SPACE to ToDO key, i can no longer use the "space" key on the spectrum keyboard...
It would be nice that on the bind, the original key still works

- I would like to see the DELETE key (CAPS+0) on spectrum bind to palm delete (when you draw a line on the palm to delete a letter, you know what i mean?)

- Emulate spectrum 128: are you planning this? It would be great :)

- Open TZX and .z80 files (would be great!)

BUG ON LIFEDRIVE: if i choose full screen, it does not work as intended: on full screen, on top of my palm lifedrive there is a blank space, and bellow the screen is distorted, and the bottom of the spectrum screen does not appear (i will try to take a pic)

Thanks again for this wonderfull emulator!

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