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[22nd January 2015]
Pavel Ti - TPi KiTa - 01 bY

[21st January 2015]
SunVox and Virtual ANS on Sale 50% Off!
Jan 21-25

[21st January 2015]
The new tutorial from Daedalus Young:

[1st January 2015]
SunVox music. Best of December 2014

[29th December 2014]
SunVox has been updated to v1.8.1!

What is new:
  • bigger Compressor visualizer;
  • GPIO module is now available on all devices, but it is fully functional in Linux only;
  • bugs fixed.

[1st December 2014]
SunVox music. Best of November 2014

[28th November 2014]
Want to listen to songs made with SunVox?
Want to share your own songs?
It's all here!

[20th November 2014]
And finally, SunVox 1.8 is ready for iOS!

[18th November 2014]
iOS version of the PixiTracker has been updated!
Now with iOS 8, Audiobus 2 and IAA support!

[17th November 2014]
SunVox has been updated to v1.8!
It is available for all systems, but the iOS version will be released within a few days.