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[17th August 2014]
Pixilang programming language has been updated to v3.5!

What is new:
  • experimental camera support (for iOS, Android and Linux); API is unstable now; check the camera.pixi example for more details;
  • additional parameter (optional) flags has been added to copy();
  • additional parameter (optional) offset (write/read offset in bytes) has been added to fgets(), fwrite() and fread();
  • additional parameter (optional) max_xsize has been added to print(), get_text_xsize() and get_text_ysize();
  • new flag for the copy(): COPY_NO_AUTOROTATE (don't rotate pixels from GL_SCREEN);
  • type DYNAMIC has been removed;
  • flags parameter has been added to the thread_create() function; now only one flag available - THREAD_FLAG_AUTO_DESTROY;
  • new container flag: GL_NO_ALPHA;
  • new data processing operations for the op_cn(): OP_H_INTEGRAL and OP_V_INTEGRAL (running sum), OP_H_DERIVATIVE and OP_V_DERIVATIVE (first difference), OP_H_FLIP and OP_V_FLIP, OP_SUM;
  • new function: gl_bind_framebuffer();
  • new function: rotate() for rotating the container;
  • new function: copy_and_resize();
  • new function: get_system_log();
  • new sound examples: input_to_output, input_visualizer;
  • new graphics examples: camera, filtering.motion_blur2, integral_and_derivative, rotate_container, flip, copy_and_resize, save_avi_mjpeg;
  • new OpenGL examples: texture, render_to_texture;
  • bugs fixed.

[14th August 2014]
Nature - Oscillator

[14th August 2014]
The new spectral ANS-based synth is out!
Say hello to the Nature - Oscillator!

[7th August 2014]
PhonoPaper has been updated to v1.2d. And now it is available for Linux!

[4th August 2014]
SunVox music. Best of Jule 2014

[28th July 2014]
Made with SunVox

[20th July 2014]
Don't forget that a huge amount of oldschool XM/MOD music files can now be opened with SunVox! You can play and edit this music in SunVox directly. Thousands of these files can be found on the biggest Mod Archive in the world!
For iOS users: just open Mod Archive in the browser, select some module and press Open in SunVox button.

[7th July 2014]
Made with SunVox on iPad.
by RUn cELL

[2nd July 2014]
SunVox music. Best of June 2014

[26th June 2014]
SunVox v1.7.5 is out!

What is new:
  • iOS: 64bit CPU support;
  • iOS: SunVox file type association: now any SunVox-compatible documents (sunvox, midi, xm, mod) can be opened from other apps (Mail, Browser, etc.);
  • new module - Pitch Shifter;
  • shortcut configuration (key redefinition) window has been added to the Main Menu -> Preferences -> Interface;
  • customizable curve of the values has been added to MultiCtl module;
  • MIDI Octave Offset option has been added to the MIDI Preferences;
  • avconv (libav) support on systems without ffmpeg;
  • PR (Set note period) command has been renamed to SP (Set pitch);
  • main menu has been divided into two separate menus: the Main Menu (left side) and the Pattern Menu (right side);
  • UI design slightly changed;
  • Play (F9) shortcut has been changed to Play/Stop;
  • new keyboard shortcut: F10 - play from beginning;
  • new simple song examples: crossfader;
  • new song examples: Twistboy - Translucent, unspoken_words;
  • bugs fixed.