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[18th September 2014]
SunVox, VirtualANS, PixiTracker, PixelWave and SpectrumGen work fine on iOS8. BUT without Audiobus. It will be fixed very soon...

[15th September 2014]

[9th September 2014]

[9th September 2014]
SunVox music. Best of August 2014

[17th August 2014]
Pixilang programming language has been updated to v3.5!

What is new:
  • experimental camera support (for iOS, Android and Linux); API is unstable now; check the camera.pixi example for more details;
  • additional parameter (optional) flags has been added to copy();
  • additional parameter (optional) offset (write/read offset in bytes) has been added to fgets(), fwrite() and fread();
  • additional parameter (optional) max_xsize has been added to print(), get_text_xsize() and get_text_ysize();
  • new flag for the copy(): COPY_NO_AUTOROTATE (don't rotate pixels from GL_SCREEN);
  • type DYNAMIC has been removed;
  • flags parameter has been added to the thread_create() function; now only one flag available - THREAD_FLAG_AUTO_DESTROY;
  • new container flag: GL_NO_ALPHA;
  • new data processing operations for the op_cn(): OP_H_INTEGRAL and OP_V_INTEGRAL (running sum), OP_H_DERIVATIVE and OP_V_DERIVATIVE (first difference), OP_H_FLIP and OP_V_FLIP, OP_SUM;
  • new function: gl_bind_framebuffer();
  • new function: rotate() for rotating the container;
  • new function: copy_and_resize();
  • new function: get_system_log();
  • new sound examples: input_to_output, input_visualizer;
  • new graphics examples: camera, filtering.motion_blur2, integral_and_derivative, rotate_container, flip, copy_and_resize, save_avi_mjpeg;
  • new OpenGL examples: texture, render_to_texture;
  • bugs fixed.

[14th August 2014]
Nature - Oscillator

[14th August 2014]
The new spectral ANS-based synth is out!
Say hello to the Nature - Oscillator!

[7th August 2014]
PhonoPaper has been updated to v1.2d. And now it is available for Linux!

[4th August 2014]
SunVox music. Best of Jule 2014

[28th July 2014]
Made with SunVox