Quantum DJ Lo-Fi noise synth is now open source!

SunVox library for developers has been updated to v1.9.4c!
With a lot of changes, including JavaScript support!
Look at the example: JS SunVox Player with generative demo songs.

Other changes:
  • updated API documentation in headers/sunvox.h;
  • Input module (microphone or line-in) is now supported (except the JS-version);
  • sunvox.h: new macro SV_GET_MODULE_XY( in_xy, out_x, out_y ) - use it to unpack the X and Y coordinates from sv_get_module_xy();
  • new function: sv_audio_callback2() - send some data to the Input module and receive the filtered data from the Output module;
  • new function: sv_update_input() - handle input ON/OFF requests to enable/disable input ports of the sound card (for example, after the Input module creation);
  • new functions: sv_load_module_from_memory(), sv_sampler_load_from_memory();
  • new function: sv_get_log() - get the latest messages from the log;
  • the first parameter of the sv_init() has been renamed to "const char* config" - use this string if you need some additional audio configuration; example: "buffer=1024|audiodriver=alsa|audiodevice=hw:0,0"; see more info in sunvox.h;
  • new example for Linux and macOS: test6.cpp (using SunVox as a filter for some user-generated signal);
  • deprecated functions: sv_get_sample_type(), sv_get_module_scope() (use sv_get_module_scope2() instead);
  • bugs fixed.

SunVox has been updated to v1.9.4c, with several bug fixes.
Update for iOS will be released soon (after Apple approval).

SunVox music. Best of July
Previous sets: June, May, April, March.

SunVox has been updated to v1.9.4b, with several bug fixes.
Update for iOS will be released soon (after Apple approval).